Biodiversity on cemeteries

Ecological protection for flora and fauna

Ökologische Nachhaltigkeit auf Friedhöfen

Nowadays people associate cemeteries with burials, mourning and loneliness. Only a few people are aware that for many plants and animals the cemetery is an important retreat. Especially in urban areas, i.e. in cities and on larger built-up areas, the animals are dependent on these places of retreat. Not only grassed areas exist there, but also wild flowering plants. Insects such as bees are particularly dependent on these habitats. Nowadays cemeteries should therefore be given much more attention. You will be amazed at the comprehensive diversity of species that exists.

Also the tree populations in German cemeteries are often very old and valuable. In summer they do not only offer shade to people. Especially old and cave-rich deciduous trees as well as dead woods offer the animals necessary places of retreat. Birds and bats feel at home in these.

The German Association for the Environment and Nature Conservation has determined that approximately 10% of the plants growing in German cemeteries are rare or endangered species and are therefore on the red list.

BUND – Projekt: Ökologische Nische Friedhof

So cemeteries are much more than just a place of cemetery culture. These cemeteries offer people recreation and retreat. Not only in mourning, but also in everyday life. They protect our biodiversity and offer plants and animals the possibility to exist even in densely populated regions. The municipalities should therefore take this habitat into account in their cemetery development planning and preserve it further. Pay attention to this wonderful world during your next cemetery visit, you will be surprised.