Storefront decoration

The right decoration for your funeral home

Schaufensterwerbung beim Bestatter

Coffins and urns in shop windows are commonplace in funeral homes. One would like to point out his special goods. Unfortunately, these funeral directors do not know what they are doing! Here I always have a question for my colleagues: Which citizen voluntarily stops in front of a funeral home to look at coffins and urns? That’s right, not many of them!

Try to reduce the inhibition threshold between you and your future clients through your shop window. Report about news from your company, theme-related events or decorate the shop window seasonally. There are many ways to address and inspire casual customers.

Show your customers that your funeral home offers more!

By fresh ideas as well as regular remodelling of the shop windows you can address the regional clientele very economically and effectively. Depending on the location of the company, this measure can have an immense effect. Use therefore your shop window for communication with your customers! Please pay attention to my advice. You will avoid the most common mistakes in window display design.

Info: Did you know that the design of a shop window is also called visual merchandising?

Tips for a successful shop window

price declaration

I am of the opinion that coffins and urns have nothing to do in a shop window of undertakers. If you should nevertheless exhibit goods which are also sold, then you must not forget to indicate the gross sales prices.

Professional help

For a professional design of your shop window, calculate approx. 800-1000 €. These costs do not have to be! Nobody knows your company and your region as well as you do. Do you have a creative streak? Great! Consider my tips. Then you can venture to your shop window with a clear conscience.

Use of light

Use different lighting options to draw attention to “Eyecatcher”. For this you can use so-called spots. Use warm light for this. When designing the light, make sure that reflections in the glass are prevented. A shop window should be illuminated 24 hours a day. Therefore, if you use LED lighting sensibly, then the issue of electricity costs is also settled.

View barrier or not

Depending on the premises of the funeral home, it may be necessary to consider setting up a partial or complete privacy screen to protect relatives from prying eyes. Ideally, the meeting rooms should not be located directly at a shop window, but rather at a reception. In this way, passers-by can be allowed a glimpse into the company without being bothered by mourning customers. However, this depends on the design idea, the shop window size and the local conditions. Unfortunately, in an existing building only rarely all wishes can be realized. For this one would have to plan and convert usually, together with an architect for undertakers, the requirements and Design ideas.

Better to avoid

Avoid defective lighting, dirty windows, dust or insects in your shop window. Mostly less is more when decorating a shop window! Because an overloaded shop window is sometimes overwhelming and overstraining. Consider that nowadays lack of time is rather the rule. People want to know at a glance what it is all about. If people are interested, they stop and look at the details. Consider these points. Otherwise it would ruin all your work!

Change time

A regular change of decorations arouses curiosity and willingness to talk. It has a positive effect on the funeral home and can significantly improve customer communication. Therefore I recommend to renew the design regularly, every 4-6 weeks.

Possible types of decoration

Already at the beginning I mentioned the many possibilities of decorating a shop window. Can you think of just a few things? This is normal. Take your time and write down your ideas on a piece of paper. I have already listed some decoration types and ideas for you to start with:

  • Seasonal Decoration
    • Spring (Easter)
    • Summer
    • autumn
    • Winter (Christmas)
  • Topic-related decoration
    • Provision(s)
    • deaths abroad
    • Foreign Rites
  • Location-based decoration
    • News in the town
    • Festivals and traditions
  • Company decoration
    • New construction/cultivation
    • Extensions of the company
    • Recruitment of employees
  • there are many more decoration possibilities

What will your shop window look like in the future?